5 August 2010No Comments

Icons for The Neat Company

Icons created for multiple releases of Neat Receipts software for both Mac and PC. You see here the original exploration concepts, as well as the final icon set that is currently used in NeatReceipts Mac 3.0 and the recent Neat 5 release. With this icon set I continued the integration of the two formerly disparate products into one cohesive visual product line.

2 August 2010No Comments

NeatWorks for Mac Visual Design

Proposed design solutions for The Neat Company's NeatWorks for Mac version 2.0.

2 August 2010No Comments

NeatWorks for Mac Iconography

Final icon set for NeatReceipts/NeatWorks 2.0 for Mac.

2 August 2010No Comments

NeatReceipts Iconography

A series of exploratory icons created for the first release of NeatReceipts for Mac in 2008.