23 November 20117 Comments

It’s Christmas in Leiden…

Andrew Meehan Christmas card 2011


Ok, not quite. It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I've managed to find some inspiration in my new home and finish my Christmas card early this year.

As usual, it's inspired by the great Art Deco racing posters of Geo Ham (and others) and this year features a 1933 Bugatti Type 59 Grand Prix racing along the canals of old Leiden.

9 August 20112 Comments

A pie in the oven.

Sunbeam 1000 H.P. Speed Record Car

Sunbeam 1000 H.P. Land Speed Record Car

Sunbeam 1000 hp Land Speed Record car

You know how cooking shows always seem to have a perfect version of the final cooked dish waiting in the oven? Artists need them sometimes too.

This is my “pie in the oven” for an Autodesk Sketchbook Pro demonstration that I’m giving tomorrow at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. Even though I’ll be doing a real-time walkthrough of my process for creating a digital illustration in SBP, it always helps to have a version that you know will come out right in the end. This illustration of the 1926 Land Speed Record setting Sunbeam “1000 hp” car took me about 2 hours to complete and uses various techniques that I’ll be able to highlight during my presentation if my “drawing hand” doesn’t show up when I do tomorrow afternoon.

Tricks of the trade aren’t just for celebrity chefs.

30 July 2010No Comments

The Scientist – Swiss Army Knife for your Career

Illustration created for The Scientist magazine article on the technological tools available to job seekers. Created using Adobe Illustrator.

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The Scientist – Brick by Brick

Illustration for The Scientist magazine feature article, February 2009. Created using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

29 July 2010No Comments

Bugatti Royale in the Snow.

Bugatti Royale in the snow. Exploratory sketch for 2008 Christmas card.

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Ferrari 410S

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